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Extra Thyme Catering is a full-service catering company that proudly serves the St. Louis, Missouri Metro Area. We offer drop-off and full-service catering for corporate events, corporate lunch & breakfast meetings, in-home social catering, showers and buffet receptions. We can cater the whole party or just help you out with side dishes or the main course while you do the rest. Whatever you need, our goal is to provide fresh, delicious food with flexible, hassle-free ordering and service so that you have the extra time you need to enjoy your event.


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Healthy Delicious Salads for Lunch!


Local Tomatoes!


Extra Thyme featured on MoBot sustainability website!

Check it out: We've been featured on the Missouri Botanical Garden's Sustainability website!

Read about what Extra Thyme and other small businesses have done to promote susutainability and take advantage of the resources MoBot has on their website. See what you can do to make your every day greener.


Protein: what do you know? 

What do you know about Protein other than you need some? There are so many different diets and theories that get tossed around it's difficult to know what you are really supposed to eat. Here is a great page from UCLA that breaks down everything you need to know about Protein; how much you need, where to get it and how much is too much. The UCLA page is very easy to read and contains none of the boring diet-calculus that most writers make you slog through. Hope this is helpful. Bon Apetit!


Go Hug a Tree!

Arbor Day is Friday, April 27th. I don't know how you are going to celebrate, but we're eating cake and planting trees. C'mon... go hug a tree; you know you want to!!