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Welcome to Extra Thyme!

Extra Thyme Catering is a corporate catering company that proudly serves the St. Louis, Missouri Metro Area. We offer drop-off catering for corporate events and meetings. Our goal is to provide fresh, delicious food with flexible, hassle-free ordering and service so that you can get on with your day.


Recent News & Events


We are now a Certified Green Restaurant!!!


We have been working hard over the last year to become certified by the Green Restaurant Association and as of this week, we are official! 

Extra Thyme Catering and Extra Thyme Cafe (the corporate cafeteria in Graybar Electric's Westport location) have been awarded Two-Star Certification from the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). Extra Thyme is one of only three restaurants (and the only caterer) in Missouri to gain GRA certification. To achieve certification, restaurants undergo a detailed assessment process that looks at everything from the food and packaging they use to waste disposal and energy consumption. Each business must meet a certain point total within specified categories to meet certification requirements. To see exactly how we achieved our points, click on the GRA logo above.

I've been "preachin' Green" for years and decided that I finally needed to go beyond basic recycling when it came to how environmentally sustainable my business would be. All of us at Extra Thyme are very excited to receive this recognition and that our achievement can help you and your businesses achieve some of your sustainability goals without any work on your part. When you eat in our Cafe's or order Catering from us you can rest assured that you are lessening your impact on the environment.

For more details check out the article and Facebook links below or look at our "We Mean Green" page under "About Us".



Billy Goat Chips- new delivery on Wednesday!

For those of you who are hooked, we've got a new delivery of Billy Goat Chips coming to both cafes tomorrow! For those who haven't tried them yet, you need to get on in here for a sample!

Billy Goat Chips are made by the Billy Goat Chip Company; a local, independently owned company. Billy Goat Chips are hand sliced, seasoned & packaged (in cute little paper bags!). They have no preservatives, no MSG and are Gluten Free made with Canola Oil.

Try Original flavor or if you want a little spice, the new Kicker chips; you can't go wrong either way!!


Extend the Weekend!

Extend your weekend just a little bit longer. Come on over to our Pavilion Cafe at Riverport and enjoy your lunch on our patio.

We've got something for everyone: homemade chili and soup, wraps, salads, grilled hotdogs, ice cream, cookies and more!


New Pictures Posted in our Gallery

Check out the new pictures I've posted in the Gallery.

Stop by our table at the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce Expo today

and get mini-Snickerdoodle cookies for free!

See you there!


Kim Cuddeback Awarded 2010 Maryland Heights Small Business Leader of the Year

“Designed to recognize dedication, innovation and entrepreneural spirit displayed by small business” the Small Business Leader of the Year Award winner is chosen each year by the board and staff of the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce.

I am very proud and thankful to have been named the 2010 Maryland Heights Small Business Leader of the Year.  Our Chamber’s staff is the best; I have no idea how they accomplish so much with such a small staff,  I am continually amazed by what a great job they do. The members in the MH Chamber are so supportive and committed; it is truly an honor to have been chosen from such an amazing group of people.

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